Frequently Asked Questions

Following are questions that our clients often ask about public adjuster and claims adjuster services. If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. >

Why do I need a Public Adjuster?

A Public Adjuster serves as an advocate for the insured. It is the job of the insurance company's adjuster to minimize the size of an insurance claim. Conversely it is the job of a Public Adjuster to utilize their knowledge and expertise to ensure that their client is fairly compensated for the loss suffered to their property.

What do the services of a Public Adjuster cost?

Constitution Public Adjusters works on a contingency fee. That means that we are not paid until our clients receive payment. We receive a percentage of our client's final settlement as compensation. This makes certain that we are fully motivated to get every dollar that our clients are owed under the terms of their insurance policy.

Why should I not file an insurance claim on my own?

When an insured files a claim on their own, without the aid of a professional Public Adjuster, they are at an inherent disadvantage. The insurance company will send an adjuster that has settled hundreds, if not thousands of claims, while in all likelihood this will be the property owner's first attempt to do so. It is the property owner's responsibility under the terms of the insurance policy to present the damage suffered. It is not the responsibility of the insurance company adjuster to address damage not properly presented by the insured. As such, not having the experience and knowledge of a licensed Public Adjuster to properly present the loss suffered severely handicaps the ability of the property owner to recoup the full value of the loss they have suffered.

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