Residential Public Adjusters

We at Constitution Public Adjusters recognize that, for many of our residential clients, their home is not only their place of residence but also their primary investment. When a home is damaged by an insurable loss, it is not merely a matter of inconvenience, but rather a serious financial concern. Constitution Public Adjusters provide a range of services to our residential clients in order to ensure that they receive a fair settlement from their insurance company, so that they may restore their home to its pre loss condition. Our services include:

Policy Review

Residential Insurance Adjuster Pennsylvania New JerseyWe carefully review our client's insurance policy to ensure that their home has the proper amount of insurance to protect their interests in the event of a loss. We also make sure that our clients are not over insured and paying a higher premium than is necessary for their needs.

Claims Management

Residential Insurance Adjuster Pennsylvania New JerseyIn the event of a covered loss, if our client has not already done so, we will file a claim on their behalf with their insurance company. We will manage all of the necessary details, such as preparing a comprehensive damage estimate, create a photographic record of damages, obtain contractor estimates and anything else required by the insurance company. We will also be the point of contact for the insurance company regarding the claim so we will handle all of the communication necessary to resolve any issues that arise. Having our trained staff perform these functions relieves much of the stress associated with filing an insurance claim.


Denied or Underpaid Claims

In the event a property owner has been denied coverage for a reported claim or believes they have been underpaid after filing a claim on their own, provided it is not time barred, we will review the damage to determine if in fact the claim can be reopened in order to obtain proper compensation. We have had great success resolving claims after a property owner has not been able to obtain proper relief on their own.

Claim Settlement

Once an estimate has been received from the insurance company we will determine whether it is a fair offer for the damages suffered or whether further compensation is required. We will negotiate over any areas we feel have not been properly addressed. We will not accept less than the full compensation that our clients are due under the terms of their policy.