Commercial Public Adjusters

Constitution Public Adjusters provides a number of services uniquely tailored for our commercial clients. In order to ensure the swiftest possible service, we create a file containing all of our client's commercial properties, and inspect each site before a claim ever occurs. This approach enables us to have a record of pre loss conditions, which can be of great help when negotiating with an insurance company, and even to find claims for damage our clients were unaware of. Our goal is to settle our clients claim as quickly and efficiently as possible so that they can keep their focus on their business rather than dealing with their claim. Our services include:

Policy Review

Business Insurance Adjuster Pennsylvania New JerseyWe will provide a thorough review of our client's insurance policy, free of charge. Our experience enables us to recognize the portions of a client's insurance policy where either more or less coverage may be needed. As we do not sell insurance, we have no interest other than ensuring that your company is properly insured for any future loss while, at the same time, not overpaying for excessive coverage.

Claims Management

We structure our business based on a client-centric approach. Rather than treat each claim as a separate file, we instead create a file for the client themselves. In this file we keep a record of all of the properties in our client's portfolio so that, in the event of an insurable loss, we may quickly and easily file a claim on their behalf. Our clients have access to the information contained in these files through our claims management system. This allows our clients to track the progress of their claims, and to always have access to any pertinent information they may need.

Adjusting Services

In the event of a loss being suffered at one of our client's insured properties, we will send a member of our adjusting staff to immediately review the scope of damages suffered. They will determine whether the loss is a covered claim under the insurance policy in place on the property. If the loss is covered, we will notify the insurance company of the claim and schedule an appointment to properly present the damages to the insurance company's adjuster.

Claim Settlement

Commercial claims Adjuster Pennsylvania New JerseyWe will negotiate a settlement with the insurance company on behalf of our clients. We will ensure that our client receives fair compensation for all of the damages suffered to their property, any monetary loss or extra expense incurred by their loss of use of the property, as well as any income that has been forgone by the client as a result of the loss. It is our goal to maximize the compensation our client receives for any loss that is covered by their policy. For more information, please contact Joshua Graber, Esq., Director of Commercial Claims at 215-867-2200.

Aviation and Maritime Claims

In addition to home owner and standard commercial claims, our adjusters also have experience pertaining to aviation and maritime losses. These type of claims can have many complex features involved, and having them settled appropriately can be extremely difficult for those without knowledge of the process. Our adjusters are well versed in the methods required to appropriately settle each aspect of an aviation or maritime claim, and they are fully capable of handling the insured's claim on their behalf. For more information, please contact Jack Quigley, Senior Adjuster (Retired USN) at 215-867-2200.

Commercial Public Adjuster in Pennsylvania and New Jersey